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The Hypocrite, Comedy, Stunt & Movement Director, Director: Phillip Breen, Royal Shakespeare Company

Andre Chenier, Fight Director & Stunt Performer, Bregenz, Austria

The Ring Cycle, Fight Director & Stunt Performer, Director: Keith Warner, Royal Opera House

Madea, Fight Director, Director: Lynne Page, English National Opera

Staying Dead, Stunt Director, Director: Thomas Johnson

Don Giovanni, Fight Director, Director: Jack Furness, Royal Opera House

The Comedy of Errors, Fight Director, Director: Nicky Diss, Open Bar Productions

Twelfth Night, Fight Director, Director: Nicky Diss, Open Bar Productions

Romeo & Juliet, Fight Director, Director: Nicky Diss, Open Bar Productions

Evolutionary, Stunt Co-ordinator, Director: Oliver Crawford


Andre Chenier, Madame Le Gray, Stunt Performer, Director: Keith Warner, Bregenz, Austria

Rock Band vs Vampires, Stunts,  Director: Malcolm Galloway, Clockwork Heart Productions

Born of Hope, Stunts, Director: Kate Maddison, Actors at Work Productions

Intra, Stunts, Director: Lola B. Clavo

O., Stunt Performer, Riot Police, Director: Liam Bashford


Not for Broadcast, Rose Piercy, Director: Jason Orbaum & Alex Paterson

Total Warrior: Spartan, Electra, Director: Matthew Woodley

Action Skills

 High Falls - 40ft

  Stair Falls

  Air Ram

  Window Penetration & Breakaways

  Fire Gags

  Car Hits - near Misses

  Motorbike (Full Licence)

  Horse-back - War Horse 

  PADI Scuba,  Swimming




Aerial Skills

Wall Running

Coat Hanger

Wire Work

Counter Balance

Fight & Flight

Hollywood Stunts, -Aerial Combat

Suspended Wire & Kicking

Flying & Wire Bungee Systems

Abseiling, Repelling

Weapons & Combat

Trained BADC Advanced GOLD

Professional Stage & Screen Fighter

Special Action Team on Productions across the UK

Unarmed, Brawling, Ninja

Comedy & Slapstick 

Household Objects

Small Sword, Rapier, Cutlass

Broadsword, Dagger, Knife, 

Staff & Spear, Fire-Arms

Motion Capture

Experienced Fight Arranger



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